Learn more about the Buyer's Remorse Program:

Resources for people involved in prostitution and human trafficking (some may be faith-based):

Are you in immediate danger or are you a minor?

  • Call 911
  • Call (937) 333-COPS

Are you in trafficking or domestic violence situation and need help getting out?

Are you looking for a place to recover from trafficking or trauma?

Do you need help navigating options for addiction treatment?

  • City of Dayton/Montgomery County Get Treatment Options Working (GROW)
    • Jason Olson: 937-350-1547
    • Amy Dunkin: 937-715-0269
  • Heroin Hope Line (surrounding counties)
    • Warren/Clinton Counties: 1-877-695-6333
    • Butler County: 1-844-427-4747

    Do you need clothing?

    Do you need somewhere safe and warm to stay tonight while waiting on a bed or while thinking about treatment?

    Are you struggling with sex addiction and thinking about purchasing sex?

    No suitable options?  These places help with referrals: