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Want to be Removed?

All information on this site pertaining to criminal convictions is contained within public records kept by the Dayton Municipal Court Clerk of Courts, accessible online at

Resources for people involved in prostitution and human trafficking (some may be faith-based):

Are you in immediate danger or are you a minor?

  • Call 911
  • Call (937) 333-COPS

Are you in trafficking or domestic violence situation and need help getting out?

Are you looking for a place to recover from trafficking or trauma?

Do you need help navigating options for addiction treatment?

  • City of Dayton/Montgomery County Get Treatment Options Working (GROW)
    • Jason Olson: 937-350-1547
    • Amy Dunkin: 937-715-0269
  • Heroin Hope Line (surrounding counties)
    • Warren/Clinton Counties: 1-877-695-6333
    • Butler County: 1-844-427-4747

    Do you need clothing?

    Do you need somewhere safe and warm to stay tonight while waiting on a bed or while thinking about treatment?

    Are you struggling with sex addiction and thinking about purchasing sex?

    No suitable options? These places help with referrals: